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Sirius Black

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Red [Jul. 13th, 1977|12:02 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |bitchyStill cranky]
[Listening to: |Morissey: Fade]

I hate waking up. It really sucks, I mean, your eyes open and are scorched by light shining practically screaming at you: WAKE UP, ITS A LOVELY DAAAY!!! just like fucking mistletoe, only painful at the moment you see it.  Then you roll over to face a dog-breathed friend with greasy black hair, and he's breating on your nose, so you can't breathe, and you want to be slow moving so not to wake the git up, and you can't help but accidentally kick him on the way up, or apply pressure on the matress so he rolls onto your feet, or off the edge.  Then you have to tell him your sorry, when you're trying to get to the bathroom first, and he starts chatting your ear off. and all you want to do is get the mixture of drool and sweat off you, so you take your first chance and run to the showerThen everything gets better.

...Then You get out and get the paper, and that girl down the lane has brought some friends out with her to stare at your naked glory.  Which is the best thing that happens the whole day.

And then James' mum comes home, and you're standing there in your naked glory.  and the second best thing happens. She glances at you and says: "Hello Sirius!" And continues on her merry way! Not even stopping to chastise you about public nuditiy.  Godric I wish my parents... No I'm not even going to get into my parents.  And if you ask Cissy, she'll just say: "Oh wonderful people, The brightest of the bunch disowning Sirius like that." In total seriousness.   Well.. I guess thats all for now

Still the hottest Marauder, dont deny it

Hottie of the PostCollapse )
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Green [Jul. 12th, 1977|09:22 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |tiredtired as fuck]
[Listening to: |Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood]

    Well, hanging out here and James' house is marvelous.  I'm afraid I havent gotten around to sending Remus a letter lately, because my bloody owl is sick.  Well whatever.  James' got this neighbor, really attractive, she lives down the lane.  She wants me. I can tell by how she looks at me when I go and get the newspaper for James' mum in the morning.  So what if I happen to not be robed, she still fancies a go at me. :D  Anyrate, I keep waking up with scratches on me, which is unnerving.. I'll take a picture later... well  I've been so tired lately, sleeping like crazy. twelve fucking hours just today.  went to sleep at one, a little after Cissy left, woke up at quarter to one.  Cissy wore me out. Cousins.

    Okay so, I'm sitting here writing.  I was just in a fight with Moony, and now I'm in a foul-ish mood.  Mum's up to her old tricks again, and I can't stand it.  Well, I guess I should just go flirt with some muggle broad, have a little fun, but I have no intention of leaving the house for a reason unknown to myself.  

Private from Sirius to Remus.Collapse )

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From the Paws of the Greatest Dog Alive. [Jun. 30th, 1977|11:49 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Listening to: |None]

I am Sirius Black, hottest man alive, and all around lady-swooner.

That being said, I'd like to intoduce myself. I'm a swingin' bachellor. I've got my own fanclub, and girls around the world who would die to touch me. I hate my family and have pretty much left them.

well, I've got a brother, whom I loathe, and three cousins... well, cousins that share my name. Find all the 'pureblood' wizards, and they're all my cousins in one sense or another. My closest cousins are Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda. Or Bella, Cissy and Andy. but nobody's really allowed to call them that.. except me. and maybe Regulus. *my brother*

Well, I got to Hogwarts school, and right now It's summer break. I'm using James' computer, because I'm at his place. He hasnt gotten one of these yet, but I'm making him.. soon. Anyway, James is my nerdy friend, He's got glasses, messy black hair, and a fetish for horns or summat. whatever.

Then there's Moony, or Remus, depending on which you prefer. Remus is fine, but Moony is classy. Moony's a nerd too, always with his head in books. I love him for it though. :D He's a great guy. **WHO NEEDS TO KEEP AWAY FROM MY DAMNED COUSINS**

And then Wormtail! The guy everyone forgets. there's four marauders folks, Peter's awesome. He gets me firewhisky most of the time, and he broke my Prankster's block recently. I love that little dude, He's got blond hair, and is a little tubby. But hey, we can't all be built like gods, can we. *smug*

I think thats all the bases.

PS: thats part of the alphabet without Q and R inbetween.
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