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Sirius Black [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sirius Black

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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 1977|09:43 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |crushedsuicidal]

Well, I'm a major fuck up. Don't any of you post here, I wont read it.

I'm gone.

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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 1977|07:39 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |crushedcrushed]
[Listening to: |hell if I know.]

Bloody fucking hell.. Private.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 1977|07:27 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |bitchyhung over ish]
[Listening to: |ears SPLITTING]

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
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I be a pirate. Yaaar. Vote me.

Okay, so I got up today, and I was on Lily's couch. With my pants on still. She was clothed too, but we were spooning. So I got up quietly and left. Frightening position to wake up in. No Offense Lily. As soon as I left I heard that hag of a sister of hers start screaming about the mess. Sorry Lily, again. It woulda been worse if I had stayed. Agree?

Yeah well, I got home and got fired. So I went to the gym and worked out. Woo.

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Wooooo! [Jul. 22nd, 1977|07:23 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |drunkbuzzed]
[Listening to: |party Sounds]

Well, Sirius Black, slacker and all around fit guy has just gotten a job.

Thats right!

A job.

So I wont be posting as frequently. 


PS: I looove celebratory wine.  Especially Romanian.

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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 1977|08:34 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |amusedamused]
[Listening to: |-CRACK- Remus apparating]

Remus just apparated away.  His mum said he had to be home by eightGuess what?! I kept him fifteen minutes. His mom shall freak out, and I shall giggle with glee.

also, I got new pictures.

also I'm getting a new screen name, because this one blows chunks.

That requires all of you to copy and paste comments.

:D I'll do it when I think of a better name.


I also took new pictures for this journal. see? Lovely me.

PS: I think I'll relent just for you Lily, and Remus, and put no more nude-type women on here. Just more for my onesies to ogle.

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Blue [Jul. 19th, 1977|04:00 am]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |tiredtired]
[Listening to: |Remus quoting exerpts from his book]

Woo. Been a few days eh?  Well, I'm still at Remus' house and he's laying behind me reading something or other.  Wotever.  Lily has just denied me from licking her, in that special place I've licked so many. ;D

Shut up James... if you're even there...

Yes well... Lots of tea and chocolate being here.

well... I guess thats it. Back to scaring Remus with my nude prancing. I've only removed my shirt and he's getting all dodgy. :D I love him.


Hotties of the post.Collapse )

PS: Remus' mum is absolutely adoring of me.  She offered to cook me anything I want.... or... I think thats what she said.  Perhaps it was: "SIRIUS! PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON!!"  But I've never been told that by anyone in my life.  Not even prude 'ol Remus.

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Bloody hell! [Jul. 16th, 1977|01:57 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |drainedhung over]
[Listening to: |earsplitting Remus Mummy]

I woke up and I was in a scarily familiar place, then Narcissa walked in, I nearly shat myself.  Hangover kicked in, and Narcissa waited until I was done puking to let me know that I had to leave right then, because Auntie was still asleep, and she had to give me to RemusFuck, so everyone knew where I was I guess? I'd better look at some things, to see what was said when I was shitfaced. She brought me to the three broomsticks and I got a few things from the bartender for my hangover.  I've decided I dont want anymore alcohol ever.  But then again thats what I say all the time. ;D  Remus came in, looking white as a sheet with huge bags under his eyes.. he wouldn't tell me if those were because of me.  I have a feeling I did something very stupid, and made everyone worry.  I also believe it was mostly James' fault as Moony keeps cursing him.  Well, I went home with Remus, and his mum looked very worried too.  She scolded me for about an hour on drinking and driving.  That made me think for a minute.  What'd I drive?

Anyway, so now I sit here, in Remus' room, typing.  I've got several cuts and I'm wondering how I got them.  Feels like I crashed into something, so there you go for drinking and driving.  Ugh... Keep puking.  I must've had a ton of firewhisky.  Remus keeps looking at me with a relieved look, and when I look at him he smiles, shakes his head and goes back to his book.

....fuck.  Where's my motorbike James?

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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 1977|07:08 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |drunkIm noooot drink]
[Listening to: |eh...POLEGIRLS backmosic]

okk so im gun go get remussy.. jimms bein an arrse andm not lettin me goo leeemeee gooo heh wow lookit that pensil its all chewd and hey wate i was guna go...

im gona go get remmusd on mye bikke but jammy isbee in anarsefaceprat.


i ws gun go smuuat

were ws i guna go/


Siriubd hahaha thas a funy namme

hahahah... IM SO MANLY..


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Orange [Jul. 15th, 1977|02:00 pm]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |hornyhorny]
[Listening to: |James wanking off]

Well, I'm here back in the safety of James' house, away from Remus' frightening mother.  .... I think I dont wanna do much of an entry, so to piss off Lily, here's naked girls!



Okay, I will post something.  I'm going to go get Remus wether he likes it or not and I'm going to prance naked with him and James in the backyard wether he likes it or not, He's being too much of a bitch about whatever it was.

Hottie of the PostCollapse )

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Blue [Jul. 14th, 1977|01:39 am]
Sirius Black
[Feeling Like: |worriedworried]
[Listening to: |Remus moping about downstairs.]

Well, its in the early morning and I was sitting downstairs napping.  Remus is all in a fit about something or other that happened while I was gone.  I don't know, I was sleeping innocently.  James Potter and Lily Evans, stop giving me those looks, I really was... Maybe If I.... lurk around in his business for a bit. perhaps figure out his journal password? Perhaps... Lets try... 'Books'.   ...

..Nope. didn't work. Damn, what are his favourite poets or summat? Someone post and help me... Pray Remus doesn't look here...

Fuck it, I'll just ask him later.  He's eating comfort foods down there... I can hear him.  I hope he bloody well gains 25 kilograms.  Git.  Not telling me whats wrong! Its bothering me!

Oh well.. back to smut.

Hottie .... WAITCollapse )

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